Haze the best Strains Online

Haze – The Best Strains Online

If you have ever been to a weed dispensary or you are familiar with strains, then probably you have heard of Haze before. This is a highly sought-after strain known for its elevating and racy effect. It has been used in crossbreeding to create a variety of quality hybrids. In this article we will talk about things that make Haze the best strains online.

Origin of Haze

Haze is known to first originate in Santa Cruz, California in the 60s where the long growing seasons suited the extended flowering cycle of the plant. Since then Haze has become a parent of several hybrids around the world. It has passed its powerful genetics to Mexico, Colombia, South India and Thailand.

Although Haze takes relatively long to grow as the cultivators have to patiently wait for the flowers to blossom completely, there are few strains that can match up to its intense energy. The strain has a typical aroma which smells like a blend of spices mixed with earthy sweetness and citrus flavor.

What Can Be ThePossible Effects Of Haze?

Haze is known to emit a subtle and smooth aroma. A batch of strain that contains 21% THC with less cannabidiol (CBD) content is known to have a relaxing effect on the mind and body. It works great to uplift the mood and helps you concentrate at night time when you want to get some work done. People who suffer from stress or depression may also benefit from the use of this effective strain.

Different Types Of Haze Strain

There are different varieties of Haze strain available for recreational and medicinal use. Some of the popular types are as follows:
Shining Silver Haze – This strain has a THC potency of 21 percent with 75-25 sativa and Indica. It is crossbred from Haze, Northern Light, and Skunk. When consumed, it sends the user into a euphoric mental state with a sense of relaxation in the body. Both the recreational and medical users will appreciate the sweet taste of the strain and the instant euphoria experience that follows.

Amnesia Haze – This is popular as the auto-flowering version of Haze, capable of delivering a much quicker and reliable crop with simple requirements. The classic strain packs a 22 percent THC potency while the auto-flowering version has a 15 percent.

Haze Berry – We love the name and the herb is adored worldwide for its long lasting and relaxing effects. This is a tall plant with buds that pack 20% THC potency. It was crossbred between Shining Silver Haze and Blueberry Indica. It is used by both recreational and medical users for its sweet taste and energizing high.

Royal Haze Automatic– This is yet another auto flowering Haze which is bred to provide uplifting and euphoric benefits. The cultivators prefer this plant as it is easier and quicker to grow. The plant grows about 60 to 100 centimeters, and a plant can deliver as much as 180 grams (dried) of 15 percent THC buds in about 10 to 12 weeks.