Understanding MMPR

For a long time marihuana has been looked down on and its use has been rebuffed. However, the new age researchers are bent on digging up the true facts about the wronged plant and pull it out of its troubled past. After years of darkness, medical marihuana was finally legalized in the year 2000 when the ruling court said that prohibition of the drug should be lifted and its medical use be allowed. Many other courts in Canada created a mounting pressure on the Health Canada authorities to create federal laws that would allow patients to buy and consume medical marihuana, and this led to the birth of MMPR.

What is MMPR?

MMPR is the abbreviated form of Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, and this regulation clearly states the new rules and regulations for the cultivation and sale of medical marihuana in Canada. This regulation has defined the rules and has a specific system that all patients, doctors and large-scale commercial marihuana growers must follow. These growers are all known as Licensed Producers of cannabis plant.

The MMPR is seen as the first ever attempt made by Health Canada to create a legalized commercial industry for medical cannabis. The formation of MMPR has replaced the older law that was known as the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR). According to MMAR, the patients were allowed to grow cannabis plant for themselves or have it grown by an individual if they required it. Health Canada was the only legal center from where medical marihuana could be purchased.

So, Why Was the Change Implemented?

The courts put pressure on Health Canada to improve the access to medical marihuana and this forced them to take such a step. The implementation of the new program MMPR has made it much easier for the patients and doctors to access medical cannabis to treat health conditions. This has also provided with a wide number of options and more product choices.

Other Changes from the New System

Besides the fact that the selling and buying of marihuana has now become easier, the patients who wish to access the drug for medical purposes no longer need to contact the Health Canada. The entire responsibility of the authorizing patients now falls completely on the doctors. There are now several licensed producers and sellers of cannabis and related products around Canada, and many dispensaries have cropped up that stock and sell these products. In order to purchase marihuana, the patients need to have a prescription from a doctor or any registered health care practitioner.

The acceptance of marihuana has risen in the recent times and the various researches and studies are responsible for this. According to the MMPR, doctors can now prescribe medical marihuana as a testament for various health conditions. However, there are no such official guidelines. It is used to treat chronic pain, increase the appetite in cancer patients and reduce stress related problems.

There are many types of strains available in a dispensary. If you have a prescription it may become easier for you to find which product is best suited for your condition.

Rules and Regulations for Cannabis in Canada